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Alex Barker, senior @ Conrad Weiser HS


Alex with 2000 Olympic SILVER Medalist and

American Indoor record holder Lawrence Johnson

aka: LoJo, also a former "camper" in HS.

HS PR 17-6   OPEN PR 19-7

Alex with Carl Lewis the 9x OLYMPIC GOLD

medalist and former world record holder in the 100 meters and the most decorated Track & Field athlete in history.

Alex with Penn Relays Collegiate Elite

Champion from VA TECH

Jared ihas been a FiberBender protgee'

since high school.

Barker places 11th at USA Indoor National Championships

@ the Armory Track Center in New York City

He jumps a Personal Record 15'-2.5"


Alex Barker has set some seriously "lofty" goals for his senior year.  The Conrad Weiser HS senior recently competed in the USA high school indoor championships at the Armory in New York City.  Following his performance there he may be well on his way to acheiving those BIG goals. 


Alex, was adopted as a baby from Romania by his parents Steve and Debbie.  When he started pole vaulting as a 7th grader he had a dream to compete for his homeland Olympic Team.  Before that can happen, he has to jump a minimum of 18'-0.5", which is the Olympic "B" standard,... translated means... it is the lowest height you can jump and make it into the games.  That height also happens to be the Romanian National record.  A tall order for anyone... let alone a teenager.


Now, a much more real possibility exsists to compete for Romania this year in the World Junior Championships in Barcelona SPAIN this summer.  In order to do that he has to jump a height of 5.00 meters or 16'- 4.75".  His training partner Justin Germani, a Kutztown Univ grad and All-American, only jumped 15-0 mid-way thru his high school senior spring season before he jumped 16'-2.5" at the end of the season.  Alex is well ahead of his pace and feels he that he can eclipse that height, which is the current PA District 3 AAA record,   Alex feels that 17'-0" is a real possibility and if he does that...he will be the first pole vaulter in PA history to do so.  His coach, Lance Atkins, who has coached several 17 plus vaulers in high school, feels that Alex, who is a hard worker, can make his dreams come true.  Of course... time will tell.... so we wish Alex the best and hope he gets a chance to represent the land in which he was born... in the World Junior Cahampionships, if not the Olympic Games..   

Good Luck Alex

Alex's Personal Record Progression

  Height        Grade               Meet PR Jumped (only Inv counted)                             Place

10' 6"    8th    2008  Berks County Jr HS Champs (1st)

11' 3"    9th    2009  John Shaner Inv. (6th)

12' 6"   10th   2010  Leonard Stephan Inv (3rd)

12' 9"   10th   2010  John Shaner Inv (2nd)

13' 3"   10th     "         "         "          "    "  2 PR meet

13' 6"   11th   2011  Leonard Stephan Inv (1st)

14' 0"   11th   2011  John Shaner Inv. (2nd)

14' 3"   11th   2011  District 3 Championships (4th)

14' 6"   12th   2012  Last Chance Qualifier (2nd)

14' 9"   12th      "         "          "            "           "

15' 1"   12th      "         "          "            "           "  3 PR meet

15 2.5" 12th   2012  USA National Inddor Champs (11th)